Motorola and Kenwood
Sales and Service

I work at Flagstaff communications, Inc. a Motorola Service Station.
We do a veriety of different tasks. Mainly, we specialize in public saftey equipment. Radios, Lightbar, Sirens, Total Police packages, ect.. We also do maintainence, repair and install Motorola dispatch consoles, Paging Transmitters, Repeaters, Base Stations, ect..

We are currently installing and configuring the new City of Flagstaff/Coconino County Dispatch room. They are getting the new Motorola Centra Com Gold Consoles. The N.A.U. Police Department is connecting in with the City's central electronics bank through a T1 channel bank to run on the same system. N.A.U. P.D. is currently running on an 800MHz Motorola Trunked Smartnet system with Quantar repeaters. The City is considering on joining on with the 800MHz Trunked systm and updating their VHF system.

We are also leading the way in U.H.F. Trunking in Northern Arizona. We have a variety of customers using this system, ranging from plumbers to towing companies. Am/Pm Towing and Recovery has fully made the transition from thier older antiquated system to our new state of the art Trunking system.

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