Here are some links to pictures I have taken of different things that is going on in my life in the past few years. I have made links to the pictures so they will load faster than having all the pictures on one web page.

Wedding of my Mum and New Dad

Here's the Wedding Cake
Mum and Dad eating cake
Mum and Dad eating more cake
Lilly and Suzan
Heirich and one of his granddaughters
Bill and Judy Treece
My brother Mars
Dear Elanor
My cousin Robin
Anthony and Audrey

Here's Some Pictures Of My Little Boy, Rylie

Rylie with his bee
Rylie again with his bee
Rylie sitting in a chair waiting to go out
Another picture of Rylie sitting the chair.
Rylie in the bath tub before bedtime.

Karate pictures, from tournaments and workouts.

X-Block at the Cactus Classic tournament (Yes that's me with my hair cut very short).
Flipping the Kama while warming up for competition. The Cactus Classic.
Mike and myself watch the competition at the Cactus Classic.
Mike throwing one of his patented Side kicks
Team Champion, Mike Taylor and Rex Capen

Misc. Pictures of other happenings. Famly, friends, and other people dear to me
Aunt Lily, Sister KELLY (inside joke, her name is Suzan), my Mum and my puppy Sammy.
Picture of Flagstaff (where I live) from ontop of the Elden Tower
Me climbing the Elden Tower. Yes the top of the tower is in the clouds, it was nasty weather that day
Climbing to the top of the tower

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